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With over 250 games and a career that spanned 10 years Sam Perrett’s professional Rugby League career is only matched by a few modern day players in the NRL.  As a boy Sam played the game of Rugby Union in New Zealand, then as a teenager his family moved to Australia where he made the transition to schoolboy Rugby League for the successful Palm Beach Currumbin school on the Gold Coast - he excelled in Rugby League earning him junior Queensland and Australian representative honours.  


He was very much a schoolboy in demand as he approached his finals years of education and with our accredited NRL agent he was able to assess all the prospective offers from NRL Clubs and decided where his Rugby League future lies, he decided to join the Sydney Roosters.  The transition to moving from his family in Queensland to Sydney was made easy with his welfare at the forefront of any discussions with the Club - from housing, finances to work and study.  We understand that everything outside of an athletes professional career, so his personal life, needed had to be taken care of first to make the prospects of a successful Rugby League career possible.


As his professional career developed we then introduced Sam to the key services he required personally and professionally as an athlete, from financial planning and accounting to media development, charitable pursuits and brand relationships.   

His NRL career began with a bang making his NRL debut for the Roosters in 2004 as a 19 year old playing on the wing and in the centres for the Club.  After a few seasons of development Sam was a permanent member of the run on side and in 2007 was selected to play international Rugby League for New Zealand where he was a member of that team for several years, successfully winning the World Cup in 2008.

With many personal and professional obstacles on the way to developing an NRL career we were there every step of the way and made time, all the time for him and his family.

After 8 years at the Roosters he then moved to the Bulldogs in 2012 - not many players in the modern game are able to finish at the Club they started and Sam’s move was a fresh change and gave him the ability under a new coaching structure to develop his game.  He quickly became one of the Bulldogs most versatile players in the Club having played most of his career on the wing Sam developed into one of the top fullbacks in season 2015, where the Bulldogs made the grand final, being Sam's 3rd NRL grand final in his career. 

Approaching the final stages of his professional career Sam was able to identify life after Rugby League and what he wanted to do - he secured study and work in the building industry with a goal to set up his own building company upon retirement.


Being able to choose when you retire is one of the most difficult decisions, and most athletes will allow someone else to do it for them, usually the Club.  But in Sam's case with one year remaining on his contract Sam chose to retire in 2016 and he has now set up his future owning his own building company, a goal we all shared.

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