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Michael Bridges was privileged to have a football career that stretched over 20 years with 330 appearances, playing in the Premier League, A-League and England national football.  


His personality on and off the field was a credit to Michael and gave him the title as one of the “good guys of the game”. 


Our FIFA accredited agents ensured the longevity of his on-field career and his earning potential. Wise financial decisions ensured that Michael had established that part of his life for his family; but it was the next chapter in his career that was to be the most challenging.  As with all athletes the transition into ‘life after sport’ - his second career - needs more work and guidance than the actual sporting career itself and thats where our team excels in the industry.


Prior to Michael's retirement we developed and planned what his next career may look like, Michael had a clear passion for sports broadcasting and coaching work.  We were there every step of the way with this transition and afford him the advice and contacts to make this transition to the next phase of his career a reality, but it was his work ethic that ensures this continued success.


Michael's current career is made up of sports broadcasting where in Australia, he works for channel 9, SBS and Optus on its sports football, events and lifestyle coverage. He also provides content on radio, on-line and print to cover all forms of media in Australia.  Internationally Michael also frequently works in Europe for BBC and Sky TV and in Asia for Astro TV.  He also partners with brands to ensure their sports messaging appeals to its targeted audience and frequently is a speaker at special events - sharing his stories, knowledge and experience in the game to a new audience.  Finally, he rounds out his work life with consulting as a coach where he has worked with a number of professional football clubs in Australia and internationally..

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